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Cayman Islands
Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Cayman Islands area.

The Cayman Islands, is comprised of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Columbus named them Las Tortugas when he discovered them in 1503, because they were crawling with turtles. Later that century, Sir Francis Drake renamed the islands after the Caymanas, or giant lizards, and 10-foot crocodiles which he saw populating the islands. Crocodile shooting was a popular weekend sport well into the 19th century. Each of the Cayman Islands has unique features. Grand Cayman is the site of Bob Soto's dive shop, where the contemporary sport of amateur scuba diving was born in 1957, and is where you can find the best restaurants and shops in the Caribbean. The lighthouse on top of Cayman Brac (from the Gaelic for bluff, the limestone cliff at the eastern end of the island), a sparesly populated community of sailors and fishermen, is perfect for birdwatching, and the untamed forests provide encounters with many rare animal and plant species. Little Cayman is the least populated and tamed of the Cayman Islands, but a good place to go for solitude and renewal amongst the iguanas and wild birds. All three islands enjoy perfect year-round weather stabilized by continuous trade winds.

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· Cayman Brac · Little Cayman
Lodging located NE of Grand Cayman on Cayman Brac, an island great for hikers, bird watchers and those fond of tropical foliage. Lodging options located 15 miles NE of Cayman Brac on the island of Little Cayman. This island is noted for fine diving and great tarpon and bone fishing.
· West Bay · Western District
Lodging located in the northwest portion of Grand Cayman Island. Lodging options located in the central western portion of Grand Cayman Island.
· George Town · Greater Grand Cayman
Lodging located near George Town, the capital city and commercial center of the Island. Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) is also located in this area. Lodging options to the northeast of the city center along I-285, which forms a perimeter around Cayman Islands.

Area Facts: The Cayman Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his last trans-Atlantic journey, by accident when he was blown off course. The telephone country code for the Cayman Islands is 345.

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